43/180, “Whooooo’s Ready For Halloween?”

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Scout’s PlanetBox Rover lunch box holds a spooky owl sammie with Trader Joe’s (TJ’s) “Organic Creamy Peanut Butter made with Sea Salt” on Alpine Valley Organic Nine Grain Bread (from our Bountiful Baskets Co-op). The TJ’s Pretzel Slim mask and almond beak are “glued” on with a dab of the peanut butter. The haunted forest surrounding the owl contains O. Baby Broccoli and O. carrots cut into pumpkins, all on an O. green oak lettuce leaf. A mandarin Jack O’Lantern sits nestled in a bit of O. cilantro beside a small handful of almonds in a reusable silicone cupcake mold, and there’s more Boo Chips floating above Jack. Black olives, more O. carrot as sticks, and red/yellow Baby Bell Peppers rings, plus a Newman’s Own chocolate cookie round out today’s eerie lunch.

The more I do figural lunches, the more I find myself looking at my food and looking for the natural design elements in their shape. All those years doing the Highlight’s picture puzzles are paying off, woohoo! I love the pretzel thins from TJ’s anyway, but they just screamed “horned owl” to me…or, rather hooted it. And, I discovered at a party this weekend that the ones from WF’s would make nifty little skull tops…putting that idea in my pocket for next year. The itty bitty pumpkins were cut with the center of a Linzer cookie cutter, and the owl cutter is just a plain old cookie cutter. Everything else was just cut with my trusty kitchen knives. I’m working on building lists for those of you (like me) that have deep and abiding love of kitchen tools. But, honestly, you don’t *have* to have a bunch of specialty cutters and tools to create fun, appealing lunches. A couple of good knives, a sharpener, and a good pair of kitchen shears will take you a long way. And, I bet you already have a slew of cookie cutters in the house. If not, be sure and check out the clearance shelves later this week for some killer deals…and, don’t forget to take a coupon along to Michael’s, JoAnn’s, Hobby-Lobby, or AC Moore to pick up some of the new stuff coming out for the holidays.

 Not pictured is Scout’s little happy fellow fork, her cloth napkin, peppermint EO hand sanitizer and an insulated Klean Kanteen of ice water. I use two different ice packs to keep Scout’s lunch at a safe temperature. A sheet of Cryopak Flexible Ice Pack for Lunch Boxes went underneath her lunch, and a Kids Konserve Ice Pack and Sweat-Free Cover travels in the mesh pocket of the case. And, everything…and, I mean everything, gets labeled with one of Scout’s Mabel’s Labels.

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