121/180, “Tofu Dogs”

OrganizedBites.com | "Tofu Dogs"In Scout’s PlanetBox lunchbox, there’s a pack of Trader Joe’s (TJ’s) Organic Sprouted Tofu (Extra Firm) pups scampering on an O. Romaine leaf with five O. cherry tomato “balls”. O. carrot sticks, asparagus stalks, and TJ’s Spanish Manzanilla Olives sit beneath O. apple slices (that were dipped in acidulated water bath to prevent browning) on an O. Romaine leaf. TJ’s Multi-Grain Pretzel Nuggets with Sesame Seeds supply a salty crunch, while one (slightly nervous) TJ’s Chocolatey Cats Cookie for People provides a sweet feline finish.

Scout was a little concerned when she heard she was having tofu dogs for lunch today. Neither one of us are big fans of the soy hot dog analogs, I’ve switched to just using a piece of string cheese in a bun instead. But, her face lit up when she peeked in her PlanetBox,. “OH! Actual tofu dogs…cool, Mom!” I love these little dog cutters, and tried to find a set for y’all to purchase. Alas, no luck! But, here’s a similar set in the same size that would be lots of fun.

Not pictured is Scout’s smiley fork, a cloth napkin, her EO hand sanitizer and her Klean Kanteen of ice water.

2 thoughts on “121/180, “Tofu Dogs”

  1. Sarah

    Too clever! I thought the same thing as Scout when I saw the post title, and was pleasantly surprised to see the actual dogs as well! We used to love the Morningstar Farm veggie dogs. They pulled them off the market for years, but they are back again! Try those if you haven’t!

    1. Venia Post author

      I used to eat those ages ago, too. I always had trouble remembering to thaw them before I needed them. When I was on the East Coast I could find the Morningstar Farms Mini Corn Dogs. Those were so good…better than their full size version, the perfect ratio of breading to wienie. I haven’t seen the mini ones west of the Mississippi, though. :( I’ve honestly gotten to where I love the cheese stick “dogs”. I love mine all the way, so the dog’s just the vehicle for the toppings anyway. 😉


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