Review: PlanetBox Shuttle | Review: PlanetBox ShuttleRunning away to the circus has become our Father’s Day tradition. This year we brought along our new PlanetBox Shuttle on it’s maiden voyage. It started out flat in the bottom of my tote bag until we got to our seats, and then after the show Scout toted it around by the handle. It’s light and Scout said, “It’s small and easy to carry…and, I just like the design”. The case closes securely and the handle is sturdy and well padded. I was able to use the ice pack we already have, but just barely. I’d totally recommend ordering one of PlanetBox’s cold packs. I’d like to have an exterior pocket for a napkin and our hand sanitizer…but, that would be my only tweak. The retro design on the red is just precious, and easily appropriate for a wide range of age groups. Major kudos to PlanetBox for crafting the bag from Top Green Recycled Yarn from PET bottles.

I almost always pack snacks when we go to events like this. The pickings are almost always slim for a choosey, vegetarian, dye-free kid…not to mention how pricey it gets when hitting the snack bars. | Review: PlanetBox ShuttleIf we had had to choose from their menu, the only things Scout could’ve had were the pretzel ($3), peanuts ($4), and a water ($3). But, taking an extra ten minutes to pack up a snack and her Klean Kanteen of ice water saved us between six and ten bucks, and netted Scout this snack instead. Bonus points for feeling good about her noshing on this. Scout enjoyed snacking on her apples and almonds during the circus. The Shuttle is a great size for little laps. In fact, that was one of Scout’s favorite features of this model. “It’s easier to keep it on my lap”, she said, “the Shuttle doesn’t want to slide off, at all!” The one piece design made it a hastle-free experience. The Tall Dipper lid sat in the box lid while Scout ate, and it all slid back into the case easily making possible a quick getaway at the end of the | Review: PlanetBox ShuttleScout’s PlanetBox Shuttle lunch box holds Red Delicious and Granny Smith apple slices, lightly dusted with cinnamon, on an Organic (O.) lettuce leaf. The Shuttle’s “Tall Dipper” is packed with a bottom layer of Trader Joe’s (TJ’s) Almond Cocoa Spread topped with a layer of TJ’s Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter. Many thanks to Marcelle and Janette for introducing us to the Cookie Butter…gracious goodness, it’s awesome on a spoon! A handful of TJ’s 50% Less Salt Dry Roasted & Salted Almonds adds a little protein, and acts as a slightly salty foil to the sweet dip.

Of course, once we docked the Shuttle back home, cleanup was quick and easy. Scout loved finding a new spot for the magnets on our fridge gallery, and the box and bag take up minimum real estate in our crowded | Review: PlanetBox Shuttle

The next stop for the Shuttle was poolside for a late afternoon snack. The hinged lid makes it easy for Scout to grab a snack between cannonballs, while protecting her food from the sun and flying critters. The size of the Shuttle is a bit deceiving. While it’s small and compact, perfect for snacks or little ones…it’s actually holds the same volume as Scout’s LunchBots. So, any of the lunches I packed this year in LunchBots, will fit in Scout’s Shuttle. So, we’ll be using it for snacks…but, you’re going to see lunches packed in this model, too. | Review: PlanetBox ShuttleScout’s poolside snack in her Shuttle included TJ’s Frozen Edamame in the Shell, defrosted and sprinkled with coarse sea salt. The Tall Dipper easily held half the canned TJ’s Mandarin Oranges, and a sprig of chocolate mint from our garden made a fragrant garnish. I was thrilled when Scout cracked open her fortune cookie and read a sentiment that is near and dear to my heart… | Review: PlanetBox ShuttleI actually squealed at the pool and sent a couple of quail scurrying down the wall. I love it when the Universe chimes in, because this is how I feel about most things in life. Make it simple, make it useful, make it beautiful, and I’m a happy camper. In my opinion, the family behind PlanetBox feels the same way.

One of the complaints I hear voiced most often is that PlanetBoxes are expensive. Well, yeah. They aren’t cheap…but, they’re not cheaply made either. They’re thoughtfully designed from high-quality materials and made to last. Scout’s Rovers have made it through two years of elementary school so far. They still look fabulous, and have performed brilliantly. I’m not one to throw away money…as my Grandfather used to say, I’ll squeeze a nickle until the buffalo yelps. But, I’d much rather invest in a product that’s effective and safe (When was the last time you heard a news report on how stainless is bad for your family’s health?), than waste money on cheaply made products that don’t add any value to my daily routine.

The PlanetBox Shuttle is available online at their website, and comes complete with the dipper, magnets, and carry bag for $39.95 + shipping. If you refer to the snack menu board at the top of this post, you can see how I was able to save $7 in just one trip with my Shuttle. At that rate, it’s going to pay for itself quickly. You can purchase, just the box and dipper for $34.95, but I don’t recommend it. The bag and magnets are well worth the additional five bucks.

Disclosures: PlanetBox sent me this product to review.  I have received no other compensation for this post, and the opinions expressed here are honestly my own and Scout’s. This post contains affiliate links.

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10 thoughts on “Review: PlanetBox Shuttle

  1. Mamabelly

    I love this review and all the beautiful pictures! We often have trouble as well when being out since my son is dye-free, too. I love your suggestion of bringing a snack with you and now I really want a Shuttle 😉

    1. Venia Post author

      Thanks, Mamabelly! I have to say the Shuttle is a perfect size for carrying along. And, the fact that the case doesn’t scream lunch box is convenient, too. Hope you get your Shuttle soon! :)

  2. Helen Sewell

    Hi! I see you mentioned it can fit same size lunch as a lunchbot… Which do you prefer? I like the idea of the hinged lid, but I have been drooling over lunchbots for about a year.. (I already have a planetbox rover and love it though!)

    1. Venia Post author

      Helen, Lunchbots are definitely drool-worthy. They were one of my first boxes, and I still use them consistently. Between the PlanetBox and the LunchBots, they each have their strengths.

      The LunchBots have a smaller price-point and are available in the four different configurations..I use my Trio a lot! When I include a thermos of warm foods, the LB would be my choice for sides because the lid can stay in the lunchbag…freeing up the limited tabletop space at school. The LunchBots are really light. It’s super convenient to tie one up in a cloth napkin and stick it in my back to bring home leftovers, or tote it along packed with some dry snacks in case Scout gets hungry at the park.

      The PlanetBox’s attached lid is one less thing to worry about, and the lock means I don’t have to worry about things spilling out accidentally. I think it’s a better choice for very little hands to open and close. It’s also an awesome choice for laptop lunching, no lid to fumble with and the little bit of extra weight makes it more stable for Scout. I’m looking forward to taking it to the movies, so Scout can have her dye-free candy and popcorn in it.

      I wish I could give you a definitive answer…but, honestly, I wouldn’t want to give either up. I love them both. They’re each fabulously well made out of quality materials, and both companies have women at the helm. That’s not a deal-breaker for me, but it sure is nice to give my daughter two more examples of smart, successful women whenever possible.

  3. Kate

    I have a Rover and the Lunchbots and I use the Lunchbots much more because the attached lid of the Rover makes it too cumbersome for the lunch table. However, the Rover is the slimmest full lunch kit I own and the compartments are fairly leak-proof if you use the dipper for messy things. So when I am travelling, I like using the Rover because it slips so easily into my backpack. I like the size of the new Shuttle, but it seems like for school use, it would be difficult because there is no place to pack extra snacks.

    1. Venia Post author

      Alicia, the way I understand it, as soon as you have $30 in merchandise in your cart, a pop-up window will open with the option to add as many Shuttles as you like at the reduced price. Now, would be the perfect time to get together a (local) group order and everyone buy a magnet set, cold-packs, or utensils to qualify for the deal and then split the shipping. 😉


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